About us

Who we are?

Hogar Company was established in 1986 and has become one of the leading companies on the field of structures and integrated constructions.

The Greatest architectural and structural engineering bureaus in Egypt assist the company in the designs in addition to consulting firm specialized in all engineering, financial and legal fields.

The Company has established more than 56,000 m2 of buildings and 400 residential fully finished units and other multiple projects.

The Company focused in its projects on the effective planning through participating with the customers on the design and implementation phase of the projects and to take advantage from the customers opinions to continue improving its projects. 

In 2010, The Company’s management realized the growing desire and responsibility of the country to make a quantum leap in the fields of building and construction and to provide projects and residential units to meet the needs of all society segments, in addition to its desire in developing and improving facilities and infrastructure so The Management has established Hogar for Construction and Development Company.

Our Values


Maintaining an excellent safety record is our number one priority and the cornerstone of our Company’s core values.

We don’t compromise safety in favor of any other business objective or project goal.

Our one goal is to finish each and everyday injury and incident free.

Our safety team will always be present to assure the minimum incident cases


Our Company’s good reputation and fine image are the most important things we care about.

It’s what keeps us competing in the construction industry market, and provides us with new clients and new jobs, That’s why we always aim to exceed our client’s expectations in the work’s quality.

We assure this level of quality by following a strict quality control plan with the help of our quality control staff.

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Company Principles

The Company considers in the implementation of its projects the following principles:

Planning Efficiency

When he company get benefits from its qualified and well trained human resources, materials and financial capabilities in innovating and building systems with high planning efficiency using the latest standards and organized designs to meet the needs of all customers in addition to the flexibility in communicating with them and to agree on all the details in the various phases of the project starting from the design till implementation and delivery

Customer Satisfaction

Through providing residential and administrative units to meet their needs

Continuous Communication With Customers

Through participating with our clients starting with design and implementation phases until receiving our projects, and also by providing our customers with all necessary periodic reports at scheduled times.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Corporate Social Responsibility:

The Company contributes more than 10% of its business results in donations to Husam Social association charity, registered under number 622 on 01/04/1998 in Social Affairs Directorate publicized under number 622 of 1998.

Which operates in the fields of cultural services, scientific, religious, social assistance, environmental protections, health and economic activities and the development of local communities.

The Company is always keen to fulfill its responsibility towards the society, and this dimension is a cornerstone in the practice of its different activates.